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about market203

Market203 was born in the spring of 2011 out of a love for all things old. Market203 is a shop that offers items hunted down from other decades, rooted in a deep history- all of which have a great story to tell. Market203 items are meant to be repurposed and reused and turned into something functional for your living/workspace.

The key is organization with a little soul. Old soda crates to hold your tennis shoes, glass mason jars to hold art supplies, letterpress trays to hold little knick knacks, or even a super groovy thermos to hold you morning tea.

Market203 products are collected over time from anywhere and everywhere. Weekends are spent perusing antique malls, local thrifts, abandoned barns, flea markets, grandparent’s basements, auctions and garage sales, discovering items that are yearning to be brought back to life. The thrill of the hunt is addicting, so off we go.

about the blog

The Veda House blog is an extension of what goes on in Market203. The blog houses all new product updates, DIY projects, sneak peeks inside thrifting trips and a whole lot of inspiration on how to give your own previously-loved items new life. The blog is updated on a daily basis and acts as the community in which I get to interact and share content to all of my reader/customers. My little space of the internet is a labor of love and I’ve quickly become attached to all that it offers.